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Producer Projects

Projects lead by our producer partners in East Africa


One of Omwani's core missions is to support the communities around our production partners. As such, we're asking producers what their community needs to sustain itself, and how we can assist in providing that.

These are projects that will make a difference, supervised by the very people they're going to impact.

Our goal is to give back to the communities that we buy from, and to make sure that they have what they need to continue producing the great coffee that we love.

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working together to drive change

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To tackle the projects we're taking on, we need a team.

We're asking the roasting partners we work with to collaborate with us over the course of these ventures, bring positive developments to producers in East Africa, and see how your work can change lives.

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Connecting communities

We regularly speak to our producer partners about the obstacles they face on a day to day basis. These issues aren't restricted to coffee production, instead often relating to functions that keep communities happy and healthy.

Our roasting partners, meanwhile, come to us with an issue of their own: ‘I want to give back, but I don’t know how’. 
Giving back, you see, comes with the same logistical road humps as importing green coffee. So it makes sense to us, as a sourcing partner, to continue acting as a bridge between roaster and farmer communities; doing the leg work so that supporting producers is as easy as buying coffee.

How you can help

When we’ve got the blueprint for a project, we obviously need help putting things into action. This is when we pose the idea to our roasting partners; interested parties can then choose to collaborate on the project in a way that’s entirely flexible; they could donate a one-off lump sum, make regular small donations, or pledge a percentage of proceeds from their sales.


In return, collaborators will receive updates and information on the project they’re helping come to fruition, along with accountability for the money spent. Ensuring they have everything they need to promote the initiative to customers and partners.

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We cant do this without your help

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