Together we can support East African producers

We want to support our processing partners in a way that will actually help them; no superficial projects to build a well if it’s not going to benefit anyone. Instead, we’re asking producers what their community needs to sustain itself, and how we can assist in providing it.

Our goal is to give back to the communities that we get our coffee from, and to make sure that they have what they need to continue producing the great coffee that we love.


But to do this  we need help


To tackle the projects we want to take on, we need a team.

We're asking the roasting partners we work with to collaborate with us, put their money where their mouth is, and in return receive updates from the people and communities we help.

Ongoing projects

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Water Systems

Support the construction of a new water system that will supply Migoti's washing station and the surrounding community of 5000 people with drinkable water.

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Road Repairs

Support the restoration of a local road, who’s damage is restricting community access to vital services such as schools, the hospital, and shops.

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Essential Oils

Support the production of essential oils within Burundi, giving farmers another crop they can grow and sell alongside their coffee.