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Satemwa Tea & Coffee

The Satemwa Tea and Coffee Estate is a 3rd generation, family owned farm based in Thyolo, Malawi, that has been in operation for almost 100 years.

We think that Satemwa’s efforts to cultivate the community around them are an excellent example of sustainability, and that’s not even mentioning the excellent coffee!

About the Satemwa Estate

Originally started as a tea farm by Scot Maclean in the early 1920s, Satemwa has been passed down to Grandson Alexander Kay, and now boasts five estates across Malawi. 52 hectares are dedicated the coffee production that started in the 1970s, with washing, pulping, sorting, and coffee grading taking place on site.

Satemwa’s goal is to contribute to raising the standard of living in Malawi by crafting quality products and investing in vital community infrastructures such as health care, education, and the environment.


Satemwa facts and figures


The Shire Highlands, Thyolo





Farming Altitude

900 - 1000 m.a.s.l

Processing Methods

Washed, Natural, Pulped Natural

Farm Size

52 hectares allotted to coffee trees

Harvest Times

May - September


Red Cattuai, Yellow Cattuai, Cattura,

Costa Rica

Small Holder Farms

4000, mainly based in Chitipa, Rumphi, Mzimba and Nkhata-Bay

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Sustainability at Satemwa


Satemwa has 4 clinics, an ambulance, and additionally employ health surveillance assistants to visit communities, checking on general health and providing education on hygiene and waste disposal. They also work with the government to offer free clinic appointments for under 5s.


As well as funding the scholarships of over 100 students, Satemwa has also collaborated with the local Government to maintain a primary school of around 1000 children. They have nurseries for working mothers, and work with charities to guide promising students toward higher education that they otherwise may not consider.

Climate Action

As agriculturalists in a heavily populated, resource depleted area, Satemwa is on the front line of climate change. Currently, they are investing in research for hardier coffee varieties, funding the reforestation of spare land, encouraging smallholders to plan woodlots and use energy efficient stoves, and planting fruit forests for employees to make use of.

Omwani X Satemwa

Here at Omwani we admire Satemwa’s commitment to building their community, and believe that by putting our heads together, we can make great things happen.

One such project we’re working on is accessing coffees from the Phoka Association. The Phoka region in Malawi was once renown for producing great specialty coffees, and as such already has established washing stations in use. 

With funding from Omwani, and manpower/local resources from Satemwa, together we hope to one day bring you some excellent coffees from the Phoka region.

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The little green bean bag

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