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An East African dedicated
sourcing partner

Our Company

We are a speciality green coffee sourcing partner working across East Africa to connect roasters to farmers and producers. 

We bring an invigorating new approach to the East African Coffee industry. Disrupting the traditional practices of importers and traders.

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Partner Roasters


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Our team

James Wilkinson

Sourcing & Sales

Previously, James worked at a washing station in the Rwenzori Mountains. The passion and potential he saw in the producers was what led him to forming Omwani.


Dale Goulding

Sales & Operations

Dale is Omwani's man behind the scenes, responsible for keeping the team organised. He has years of experience keeping the wheels turning in the Technology sector. 


Livi Collins

Quality Control Manager

Livi brings valuable knowledge from prior work in coffee roasteries, giving us valuable insight into the wants and needs of our roasting partners.


David Burton

Head of Coffee

David is Omwani's flavour expert, in charge of grading and profiling our coffees. He is a qualified Q grader with over a decade of experience in the coffee industry.

LC Davison

Marketing Coordinator

LC is a jack of all trades, managing our marketing, social media, brand design, and online database. She ensures we're sharing our producer partners' stories.

Daniel Torres Neira

EU Partnerships

Daniel has worked with international coffee professionals since 2007. He speaks 2.5 languages and is working to bring our range of coffees to the EU.

Raf Mlodzianowski

Eastern EU Sales Manager

Raf has been consulting in the coffee industry since 2016. His interest in coffee has led his work from cup all the way to seed.

Supporting the communities we work with

At Omwani we know that you can't take something without giving back. That's why we're always looking for ways we can help support our processing partners outside of buying their coffee.

We approach them openly, and let them decide what would help their community most, and then we find a way to get it done.

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Our Values


We pride ourselves on transparent trade: everything we share we do so openly and honestly, and we look for similar values in our partners.


We want to ensure equality and integrity across the entirety of the supply chain we work in. Putting consideration into every action we take, and learning from our mistakes.


We only source the highest quality coffee possible. We measure quality on taste, profile, economic impact and the story of the origin. 


When we say something, it needs to be the truth: no smoke and mirrors or corporate half-truths, and when something isn't clear, we explain it.

Press highlights


The coffee comes from the Zebu Estate and brought to the UK by Omwani, the fully washed...


Organised by Omwani Coffee Co, who support relationships between coffee growers in East African countries and the UK market


This is why, at Omwani, we have a three-to-five-year plan in mind about how we can introduce more arabica seedlings...

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The little green bean bag

We deliver the freshest green and roasted samples to our partners, order yours today!

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