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Producers, Farmers & Washing Stations

A partnership to support your growth

Our focus is on supporting your efforts in sourcing and producing great coffee. We truly understand the difficulties of coffee production in Africa which is why we work year-in-year out with our partners, through the good years and the bad years.

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Why partner with Omwani?

Unconditional Support

When we commit to our partnership we are in it for the long run. We buy coffee year after year and support you through bad production years as well as the good ones. 

Transparent Relationships

We stand side-by-side with you, openly telling the story of your washing stations, farmers and each coffee, making sure credit goes to the deserving individual. 

Collaborative Approach

We work alongside you and our partner roasters to properly understand market demand and support in guiding what should be produced each harvest. 

Join a community of like-minded producers

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Agri Evolve.png

Johnny Rowland

Agri Evolve, Uganda


Partnering with Omwani means working with an organisation that understands the energy and passion that has gone into building the reputation of Agri Evolve.

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Mr & Mrs Rutaganda

Rwamatamu Coffeee Washing Station, Rwanda


As a family business, all our decisions serve the objective of sustainably developing our community. Omwani’s transparency and reliability makes them a key partner in that pursuit.

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Pontien Ntunzwenimana

Migoti Coffee, Burundi


It is important for us to work with a partner who can support our efforts in generating wealth for farmers, ensuring better prices and increasing annual purchase quantities.


A friendly team by your side

We will work alongside you year-round to support with planning quantity breakdowns ensuring you produce the perfect amount of washed, natural and experimental coffees to meet market demand and leave nothing left over. 

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Making changes with Migoti

We've been supporting Migoti since 2020, our partnership ensures that they can focus on what they do best... sourcing and producing great coffee while we take care of everything after export.

Our partnership means that every year Migoti have a guaranteed customer for their coffee (us), with increasing volumes and always fair prices. This approach frees up Migoti to focus on sourcing more coffee, training and educating more farmers and making improvements to the quality of what they produce. This mutually beneficial partnership has seen us create co-branded marketing materials, collaborate on social media, build projects to support the local community and, in 2022 we brought a group of roasters to visit Migoti in person. All of this to ultimately build the reputation of the Migoti Coffee Company on the world stage.  

Partner Spotlight

How does it work?


Reach out for a call

Fill out the form and we will get back in contact to arrange a call. Here we can discuss how you work and how we might be able to support you.


Send us samples

So we can assess the quality of what you can produce, we will share with you detailed cupping notes from our team and network of Q-graders.


Align on expectations

If everything aligns with our company values and the quality is good, we can proceed with letters of intent and eventually sign partnership agreements.


Get the ball rolling

We believe in just getting started. If we are on the same page we typically look to source half a container in year 1 and scale from there.

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