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Our most ambitious project to date reviving the Arabica coffee production of the largest East African island. This 'megadiverse' origin, holds huge potential as a speciality producer however has lacked the stability and structure to reach its potential. 

Partnering with a proof-of-concept estate, forward-thinking roasters, expert agricultural consultants and local farmers we have put wheels in motion to scale production of this extraordinary origin.

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About Madagascan Arabica Coffee

Since the Bourbon varietal's introduction to Madagascar, production reached a peak of 2% of the worlds coffee output in the early 90s followed by a rapid decline due to lack of investment, infrastructure and political instability.

We've made it our mission to facilitate and drive the growth of this once-thriving speciality coffee producing origin. Transitioning from Robusta to Arabica production. 

300 arabica coffee farmers

April - July Harvests

500-1000kg of arabica produced annually

31,000 tonnes of Robusta annually

Supporting Madagascar's only Arabica Coffee Estate

Working in partnership with the Zebu Coffee Estate we have committed to supporting them for the next 5-years buying their harvests at a price that covers the running costs of the estate. During this period we are mobilising agricultural consultants and working with the government to distribute seedlings and scale production of Arabica coffee. 

We are working with Roasting partners to support this project in return for the first refusal on future coffee production with an improved price and quality. 

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Are you a Malagasy coffee producer?

If you're looking to import green coffee to the UK we'd love to work with you click the button below to fill out a contact form and we'll get in touch about how we can support you. You can also learn more about how our partnerships work here.

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The little green bean bag

We deliver the freshest green and roasted samples to our partners, order yours today!

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