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“Ubumwe, Ibikorwa, Iterambere”

“Unity, Work, Progress” in Kirundi.

Burundi speciality Coffee sourced from the treasure of the African Great Rift Valley. An origin with an incongruous mix of soaring mountains, languid lakeside communities and a tragic past blighted by ethnic conflict.

We offer a range of washed and natural speciality Arabica coffee from this extraordinary origin. 

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About Burundi Coffee

With its high altitudes, volcanic soil, and fantastic processing, Burundi has one of the best reputations from all of East Africa. Coffee is grown throughout Burundi, but most farms and cooperatives are in Buyenzi, Mumirwa, and Kirimiro in the northeast.

600k-800k coffee producers

April - July Harvests

15,000 tonnes produced annually

31st largest coffee exporter

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Working with processing partners directly supporting Burundi families

Working in partnership with Migoti Coffee Company based in Burundi we are souring from partner washing stations who purchase cherries directly from farmers high in the mountains overlooking Lake Tanganyika.

A special focus is paid to supporting farmers with a long term view. Investing in new crops for the coffee farmers to intercrop with their coffee trees, embarking on ambitious hydropower projects and education to improve quality and quantity in order to build a brighter future for their families and the next generation of Burundi coffee farmers.

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Are you a Burundian coffee producer?

If you're looking to import green coffee to the UK we'd love to work with you click the button below to fill out a contact form and we'll get in touch about how we can support you. You can also learn more about how our partnerships work here.

Meaningful relationships with farmers

Geroff and his wife are farmers in the Mutambu district, and have two children.

He was taught to farm by his Father, starting at 27 years old and sharing duties with his wife. Together they have 350 coffee trees and every year sell their harvest to Migoti Coffee, which gives them enough income to look after their family and farm.

Geroff Bashirwabigoye

Masenga Hill, Burundi

thomas kurubone-02.png

This is Thomas Kurumbone and two of his sons, Bonaventure (left) and Francois (right). Thomas is a farmer with about 400 coffee trees aged over 35 years, which he tends to with some of his 15 children. Bonaventure and Francois in particular have both followed in their Father's footsteps with farms of their own, having 300 and 600 coffee trees respectively.

Thomas Kurubone

Masenga Hill, Burundi

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The little green bean bag

We deliver the freshest green and roasted samples to our partners, order yours today!

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