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Do you want to play a part in improving the communities that produce your coffee? With our Producer-led projects, you can contribute towards real meaningful change.

We make it simple for roasters to contribute to the communities behind the most crucial step in coffee production in the form of projects that offer real impact.


How it works

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Step One

We collaborate with producers to identify crucial community projects in need of funding.


Step Two

Roasters actively contribute to these projects through channels managed and maintained by Omwani.

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Step Three

Funds are regularly distributed to producers, empowering them to begin work on their chosen projects.


Step Four

We diligently monitor progress, ensuring that both roasters and producers receive regular updates/ongoing support.

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producer -led?

What could most positively improve the life of a coffee producer?


The real experts on this matter are the coffee producers themselves. Our strategy is simple: empower producers to choose projects that bring the most positive impact to their communities. Our role is to coordinate the funds to support their initiatives.


We simplify the process for roasters to back initiatives in a way that suits them best, contributing to projects that genuinely make a difference in the communities responsible for their coffee production. We then monitor and report the impact.


Contributions that work for you

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One-off Donation

Give one-time, single-sum financial support to any project(s) of your choosing.


Reoccurring Donation

Pledge to committing a monthly amount to any project(s) of your choosing.

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Per -kilo Donation

Add an extra sum to the price per kilo of the coffee you buy, to go to any project(s) of your choosing.

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