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Relationship driven coffee sourcing through Omwani

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Coffees on our offer list, in our warehouse, available until they run out. High-quality, with flexible buying, easy purchasing and no commitment.

• Detailed price breakdown
• Fully traceability from farm to cup
• Full supply chain visibility
• Photos and detailed marketing information
• Landed samples (roasted & green)

Full Transparency

• 30-day payment terms
• No minimum order quantity
• Pallet consolidation

Pricing Support

• Transport from warehouse to Roaster
• Delivery to any address (2-3 days)


Choose this model when buying ahead doesn't make sense or if you like to try something new, or you just want coffee as quickly as humanly possible with our 2-day turnaround. 


• No surcharge on shipping costs

• Warehouse collection from London or York


Better support producers by committing to coffee early.  We offer guaranteed quantities with simple purchasing contracts and exceptional support.

• Everything included in Landed
• First refusal on the latest pre-shipment samples
• Import / export documentation
• Regular updates from export to arrival

Full Transparency

• Flexible extended payment terms

• Split payment options
• Volume price reductions

Pricing Support

• Everything included in Landed

• Priority distribution from warehouse
• Flexible drawdown options (up to 12 months)

• Inventory management at the warehouse
• Included handling costs

Logistics & Storage

Ensure you can fulfil all your green coffee requirements. Reserve at any point in the supply chain, and guarantee your quantities by committing early.

Green Planning

• Freshest possible coffee

• Green planning resources and support

Where purchases are made far enough in advance, our producers love to know where the coffee is going and will happily add your logo to every sack. 
• Single colour screen printing
• Hand-designed stencils
• Custom messaging and designs

Custom logo sack printing

Available from +50 sacks

We collaborate with our partners to ensure that we have the most comprehensive marketing assets readily available for roasters. 
• Professional photography
• Individual farmer interviews
• Detailed written documentation

Detailed Marketing Assets

Available with all purchases


Buy Transparently

The price we pay + Our running costs = The price you pay

We ensure the fairest prices for all our partners

The price we pay includes; the price farmers are paid for cherry, the production costs,  and the internal haulage. 

Simply put, our markup is 30% and capped at $1.35/lbs

This includes all the costs of coordinating, financing, storing, marketing, insuring, handling and transporting from origin.

Determine a formula-based pricing

This simple approach to pricing enables us to keep the price fair no matter the quantity or commitment. 

Reservations and Direct sourcing carry progressively less risk for everyone therefore we are able to reflect a lower price in both of these models. 

“Omwani is an important part of our business, their SPOT offering has helped us out of sticky situations on multiple occasions and their approach to contracting is revolutionary.”


Head Roaster, Back Yard Coffee

“Direct sourcing through Omwani has given our business the roaster-producer relationship that we are proud to tell all our customers about.”


Owner, Edgecumbes Tea & Coffee

Not sure what you need?

We’re more than happy to help you find exactly what your roastery needs

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Early stage roaster?

Source a selection of our coffees from as little as 5kg through the Green Coffee Collective. 


Trusted by +100 roasters worldwide

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