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Cultivating new coffee trees

The team at Agri Evolve have plans to build communal coffee nurseries, where they can cultivate thousands of healthy arabica seedlings to be distributed to the farmers they work with.


Increasing farmers' harvests

As mature coffee trees continue to age, the yield they produce year on year will gradually begin to decline; a natural process which unfortunately has a great impact on farmers’ income.

Funding this project will allow Agri Evolve to gather the tools and services they need in order to construct nursery beds, supply it with tools, hire nursery operators, and begin raising coffee seedlings.

Price Breakdown

Seedling Subsidy


In order to ensure that the seedlings will be given to committed coffee farmers, Agri Evolve uses a cost-sharing model that asks for a contribution from farmers towards their seedlings, which will be matched in full by Agri Evolve. For this project, your funds will cover the cost of the contribution that Agri Evolve usually puts forth.

Bed Construction


This amount will cover the tools and labour needed to create a hospitable nursery where coffee seedlings will be raised for 9 months, at which point the young trees are considered mature enough to be planted in farms.

Nursery Equipment


£90 is enough money for Agri Evolve to supply the nursery management team with tools such as potting bags, watering cans, trowels, hoes, wheel barrows, gloves, and the all-important seeds.

Total Cost


Though £1090 allows Agri Evolve to cultivate 5000 seedlings, surpassing this goal means that more seedlings can be produced, and more farmers will be able to expand their crop.

Please note that this is the price breakdown for one nursery, and our goal is to exceed this amount enough to provide Agri Evolve with multiple coffee nurseries to have a greater impact.



of £1,090 goal raised so far
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