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/əʊ mɑː niː/

Language: Bukonzo (Ugandan sub-dialect)

Translation: Coffee (Bean)

Sourcing driven by the desire to strengthen relationships between producers and roasters. We source great coffee at fair prices, with none of the corporate smoke and mirrors.

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Transparent Trade

Fair Pricing

High Quality

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Recognising the people behind the bean

We have information on every coffee we sell, available to all our roasting partners on a dedicated database. Find out exactly where your coffee comes from, who grew it, and what their story is.

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A taste of East Africa

Omwani started with work in the washing stations of Uganda, with friendships and a work ethic that we wanted to bring back to the UK with us. We saw a gap in the market fit for a sourcing partner that would specialise solely in East African coffees, and happily took it upon ourselves to fill that space.


100+ Roasters have partnered with Omwani to build transparent relationships with farmers at origin

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The little green bean bag

We deliver the freshest green and roasted samples to our partners, order yours today!

Try Omwani today

Early-stage roaster? We have lots available from just 5kg exclusively at the Green Coffee Collective.

Transparent Trade

Fair Pricing

Exceptional Quality

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