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Burundi: Experience Seedling to Export

May 2023


Immerse yourself in coffee production

A guided 5-day trip for Coffee Roasters to experience the in’s and out’s of coffee production with our Burundi partner Migoti Coffee Company. Led by the owners and operators of Migoti, this will give hands-on insight like no other into how coffee is produced, sourced and processed. 


COVID-19 is still present in Burundi.

Burundi is a country in east-central Africa, south of the Equator. The landlocked country is a historic kingdom, and one of the few countries in Africa whose borders were not determined by colonial rulers. The vast majority of Burundi’s population is Hutu, traditionally a farming people. Power however has long rested with the Tutsi minority, which historically has controlled the army and most of the economy, particularly the lucrative international export of coffee.


Burundi Franks




Kirundi, French, English




Day 1

Land and arrive in Bujumbura, as guests will be arriving from various countries, we will be meeting at a local hotel (which Omwani will book).
Guests will be able to check into the hotel while we wait for the whole party to arrive. 
Dinner will be hosted by Dan, founder and Owner of Migoti in Bujumbura at a local restaurant.

Day 2

Travel to the Migoti Washing station, this is a 2-3 hrs drive, we will include a stop for lunch & refreshments. 
Upon arrival, we will be taken on a tour of the processing station by the washing station manager Zephryn and we will be introduced to some of the individuals responsible for processing the cherries that arrive at the station. 
Dinner at a local restaurant with locally sourced produce. 
The day will conclude with a trip back to the washing station to see the evening deliveries being made by local farmers for milling at night.
Accommodation for the evening is at a local hotel which will have all the basic amenities.

Day 3

Breakfast will be provided at the accommodation. 
The day will include a series of excursions to visit local farmers to understand how they go about nurturing their trees and maintaining their coffee cherries (the very start of the supply chain).
There will be suitable breaks throughout the visits to pick up lunches and refreshments at various locations. 
The evening will include a dinner at a local restaurant near Migoti before experiencing the local bars before transport back to the accommodation at Migoti Coffee.

Day 4

The final day at Migoti Washing Station includes a hike (3 - 5 hours) to the proposed site for the new washing station to be built in late 2022. This will give you a flavour of the true Burundi wildlife and scenery as well as an understanding of the region where your coffee is produced.
The walk will be guided by one of the staff members from Migoti coffee. 
When arriving at the new site, refreshments will be provided before travelling back down to Bujumbura for the evening to enjoy the local nightlife. 
Accommodation will be at a hotel in Bujumbura.

Day 5

Final day(s) will see us return from the washing station back to Bujumbura where we intend to visit a local game reserve / wildlife park combined with some relaxing and down time in Bujumbura.

Although 5 days are coordinated by Omwani, guests are invited to extend their trip to make the most of Burundi.

Price Break Down



Day 1 Accommodation


Day 2 Accommodation


Day 3 Accommodation


Day 4 Accommodation


Food (Total)


Wildlife Safari


Taxis & Travel (Total)


Visas & Covid Testing


Estimated Total



Important Information

  • Boosters for Hepatitis A, Tetanus, and Yellow Fever are required.

  • Insurance not provided, we would suggest some cover.

  • Visa can be purchased on arrival or online.

  • PCR required on Arrival ($100)

  • Visa can be purchased on arrival

We hope to see you there!

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